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DRAKERZ-Confrontation : Virtual STARTER Pack FURKHAN + OGAM Download For Pc [portable]

Updated: Mar 29

DRAKERZ-Confrontation : Virtual STARTER Pack FURKHAN + OGAM Download For Pc [portable] >

About This Content Perfect for getting started, this pack include two ready-to-play virtual decks* for the FURKHAN and the OGAM :Build a deck with rare, super rares et legendary cards!Equip your Drako with new and exclusive customizations!Enhance the experience gained from every duel!Unlock 20 additional levels for your drako!* Virtual Decks enable you to play in virtual mode only, you cannot play in Augmented Reality with virtual Decks. You need to own physical cards in order to play in Augmented Reality Mode. : premium starter deck is a 41-card deck include 1 Summoning card FURKHAN1 Summoning card OGAM60 common cards20 rare cardsIncluded Drakos :The Furkhan is well acquainted with that particular emotion called “fear”. It will hunt down your opponent to the point of giving him or her cold sweats. Its Furies, darker than your worst nightmares, will wilt the confidence of your fiercest opponents. It knows nothing of pity. It gives no quarter. It will stop at nothing to achieve victory. Though it is shrouded in shadow and darkness, don’t start thinking its soul is dark: the Furkhan is unfailingly loyal to the one its has chosen as its Drakoneer.Furkhans spend less mana for their special moves.It is said that Ogams are the oldest Drakos the world has ever known. Is it because they are steeped in magic and ancient secrets? Or because they’ve been guided by many Master Drakoneers on the Way? It’s hard to say, but one thing is certain: their knowledge of Mana is incomparable. For an Ogam, Mana is everything. An Ogam knows that Mana flows through dreams like blood through veins. His charm is poisonous and his dance is fatal.Ogams win mana when they discard a card. b4d347fde0 Title: DRAKERZ-Confrontation : virtual STARTER pack FURKHAN + OGAMGenre: Free to Play, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:Peoleo EntertainmentRelease Date: 19 May, 2014 DRAKERZ-Confrontation : Virtual STARTER Pack FURKHAN OGAM Download For Pc [portable]


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